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"Placing ads and advertising properties in Homes and Lands is essential. I have advertised my properties in H&L since 2006 and will continue to do so. The ads have grown my business and have helped brand me as a top producer in Northern Colorado. Most importantly the ads have given each of my sellers tremendous exposure. Sellers receive the best of both worlds. Their homes are in a first class publication plus they are advertised in the Homes and Lands website (, which interconnects with hundreds of other websites. The print, and internet exposure, which sellers receive is valuable. 
Advice to Realtors: You cannot afford to NOT advertise in H&L. The added exposure your listing will receive might be the difference between an expired listing or a sale.
Advice to Sellers: REALTORS who advertise in Homes and Lands are differentiated and probably have the ability to market your property properly. When interviewing Realtors, ask to see a copy of their marketing plan. Commission is substantial, so it is essential to know what the Realtor will do for you."
John Simmons
Co-Founder | Broker
C3 Real Estate Solutions

Homes and Land has been such an important part of my business through the last 40 years. I have had great success with Homes and Land, both with exposure to buyers in Northern Colorado and sellers that love the exposure for their homes. The on- line exposure is excellent as well, and I want to thank them for their consistency and all the support they have given me and my homeowners over that last 40 years!!

Joey Porter

The Group Inc. Real Estate